Grubshit Article Most Viewed in Fiji

In just a week, Grubshit's article got over 200,000 views, dwarfing our rivals by a significant amount and fueling debate countrywide on the dangers of intoxication.

 92% of our viewers were from Fiji.

Grubshit had the entire country talking with a brilliant piece of investigative journalism and the population is still divided on what happened on that fateful wine fueled night.

This is the most debated topic on the ground in Fiji at the moment.

We thank all our loyal readers who are interested in learning the truth about the experiences of Graham Davis while in Fiji.

One (1) Week of Grubshit

A special thanks goes out to the many websites and blogs who talked about us and sent us traffic.

Please continue following our blog as we plan to expose even more in Fiji.


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